The Sally Mugabe Hospital Neonatal unit is a national referral centre and busiest with regards to neonatal admissions. It is 100 bedded comprising of Surgical ward, Observation ward, Transit A, Transit B, Kangaroo unit and Neonatal intensive care unit.
Mothers with admitted neonates are from all over the country hence there is need to accommodate them at the hospital. Some may have had Caesarean section and others normal delivery.

To ensure that the sick babies get sufficient breast milk they need to stay at the hospital to continuously feed their babies 2-3 hourly in exclusively. They rest in the rest room during the day and after midnight feed they sleep at the hostels.
Hence there is need for a conducive environment for these breastfeeding mothers, for a mother to produce sufficient milk she needs proper care that is clean safe environment and well balanced diet and relief of stress to continuously nurse the sick neonate.

We are a breastfeeding hospital and would also want to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 3 “Health and well being” hence reduction of perinatal mortality and morbidity.


  1. Fencing at hostel
  2. Cushioned wall fitted resting chairs
  3. Refurbishment of ablution facility
  4. Painting of walls – Need new paint
  5. Floor tiling for both hostel and rest room
  6. Outer burglar bars on all windows for the safety of mothers
  7. Install window rails and curtains for privacy
  8. Hand basins for hand hygiene x 4
  9. Painting of beds
  10. Repair of broken windows
  11. Mattresses covered with thick plastic
  12. Installation of fitted lockers /cupboards for safekeeping for mothers belongings
  13. Linen sheets, blankets, nighties and gowns
  14. Air conditioner for warmth and coolness depending on weather for comfort
  15. Fridge for mothers to keep perishables and have cold water and drink
  16. DSTV and radio for entertainment and diversional therapy
  17. WIFI so as to google more information concerning their babies condition and treatment

When mothers are relaxed and stress free, milk production increases